There is not one protective headgear in the world for any sport that can eliminate concussions. Our protective headgear, like all the others, is designed to significantly reduce the severity of the impact and nothing more. It is never advisable to play with an existing or prior brain injury in a contact or collision sport without being evaluated by a medical specialist experienced in brain injuries. Do not play hurt and do not play injured. Your brain is the most important organ in your body. Preserve and protect your quality of life.

Dr C J Abraham
This can come between you and a head injury

A protective headgear that will help reduce the risk of head injuries from impact forces

The ForceField FFTM Headband is lightweight, ventilated and adjustable with an impact absorbing polymeric layer that wraps around the head, offering increased protection at crucial impact zones where many head impacts occur.

85% cotton 15% Spandex

70% neoprene 25% nylon 5% polyester

Manufactured in China. Packaged and tested in the United States.
RN93788 CEII

U.S. Patent No.'s 6,675,395, 6,978,487, 7,234,174, 6,272,692, 2008/03600 (South Africa)

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The first universal protective headgear created and patented for the following sports, recreational activities and physical conditions for both children and adults

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cheerleading
  • Gymnastics
  • Hiking
  • Ice Skating
  • Women’s Lacrosse
  • Curling
  • Floorball
  • Flag Football
  • Older people prone to falls
  • Individuals prone to seizures
  • Individuals with cochlear implants
  • Individuals with TBI
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Children learning to walk
  • Children in playgrounds
  • Children with autism, cerebral palsy
  • Under a helmet (horseback riding, ice hockey goalies)

ForceField Headbands meet ASTM, FIFA and other standards

NFHS sanctioned. CE II safety certified

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