Dr. C. J. Abraham, P.E., CPC, CChE, FRSC, LFAIC, DEE, IH, FTI, MS, PhD, JD

Dr. Abraham is the inventor of the most universal headgear ever invented- the ForceField FFTM Protective Headgear and is the founder of ForceField FF (NA), Ltd. He has over forty years of experience in evaluating head protection for every sport played in the United States and Europe.

Dr. Abraham is a chemical, environmental and safety engineer and a Board Certified Forensic Examiner in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Safety Engineering and Design, Sports Safety, Fires and Explosions and Industrial Hygiene. In addition to the Forcefield Protective Headband ™, he has invented and licensed the bio-lite football helmet facemask. He has over 50 years of experience in the areas of safety in sports and recreation including consulting to Set Makers, Inc., the manufacturer of recreation facilities for Burger King and McDonald’s restaurants, Chuck E Cheese on the safety of their amusement facility, ABC and CBS on Amusement Park accidents, Intamin AG (Switzerland-roller coaster safety), the City of San Diego,CA (Playground safety), Microsoft-Kinesiology Studies, Human Movements and Muscle Activity Impacts, The Guidance Group (creator of educational toys), Hudson Bay stores, Canada and Home Depot in risk assessment and human factors just to name a few. He has lectured and taught at universities in the United States and Europe. He has published and presented papers in the areas of safety engineering and design, sports safety, household and industrial product safety, industrial equipment, warnings and instructions for both industrial and consumer products, fires, flammable fabrics, explosions (gas, bottle, battery), plastics, toxic torts.

Dr. Abraham is a member of over 25 professional associations including Member-ISO/TC 181/SC: Safety / Manufacture of Toys. Safety testing, technical regulations, quality control, packaging, testing, packaging, warnings and instructions, Royal Society of Chemistry (London), Fellow Systems Safety Society – Senior Grade American Society of Mechanical Engineers (9073529) American Chemical Society (over 50 years), One of the contributing delegates in the creation of ISO standards, International Standards Organization (ISO) (1988-1998), Member Safety & Protective Equipment Committee (SPEC) of USA Hockey (1996-2008) and a Member of the ASTM, (1964-present).

Dr. Abraham has over fifty years of experience in polymers and has extensive testing experience in the absorption and dissipation of forces of every type of polymeric material used in headgear. As a result of Dr. Abraham’s expert testimony in personal injury and litigation cases, many products have been made safer.