Forcefield Headbands Case StudyIn 2016 I was involved in a serious car accident when I was travelling and working overseas in America. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and part of my skull was removed to allow my brain to swell and to control the bleeding. My skull flap was then re-attached after three weeks. Several months later when I was back home in New Zealand, it was discovered that my skull flap had begun reabsorbing. This meant I had large areas in my head with no skull protecting the left side of my brain leaving me very vulnerable.

When I discovered Forcefield Headbands created by Dr C J Abraham it changed my life. I wore the Ultra headband everyday for 7 months between surgeries and while my new acrylic skull flap was being made. While I was careful with what I did, it meant I could still go out with my friends and family whilst having the protection that I needed for my brain. I would sometimes even wrap a scarf around the band or wear a beanie when going out in cooler weather.

Because of my personal experience with brain injury I can’t express enough how important it is to protect your brain and how these headbands can help reduce the severity of impact to the head. Whether someone is playing sports or at risk of falls, people of all ages can wear these headbands.

Maria Hines